The Common Good

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Cover Story

American Muslim Eboo Patel founded the Interfaith Youth Core to give al Qaeda a run for its money. At stake? The soul of a generation.
MYTH #1: Muslims cannot be good Americans because they are required to be loyal to some abstract Muslim flag or creed somewhere in the world, which is mutually exclusive with Ameri
An interview with Muslim leader Daisy Khan.


Biblical faith invites us out of self-destruction toward God's generosity and abundance.
As our economy continues to decline, "common security clubs" are one way people can support each other and take action for a more just future.
While Protestants traditionally emphasize the Word and words, many are learning to meet God in quiet contemplation.
Key contemplative spirituality terms.


How to fight poverty and global warming.
April 2009's "Mobilization to End Poverty" is a chance for real change.
Healing U.S. relations with the Muslim world.


The answer to fundamentalist religion is prophetic religion.

On Jan. 20, the United States of America inaugurates its first African-American president and first Catholic vice president.

The International Space Station is a cramped scientific laboratory orbiting in an environment where temperatures on a good day top out at minus 273 degrees Celsius.

Culture Watch

Will President Obama deliver on his promises of media reform?
Oral history: Ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances, in their own words.
Our Bright Future, by Tracy Chapman.
An excerpt from the book An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith.
Pray the Devil Back to Hell, by Gini Reticker and Abigail E. Disney.
Jesuit John Dear and his Persistent Peace.
Sabbath, by Dan Allender; Fasting, by Scot McKnight; The Church on Dauphine Street, by Ann Hedreen and Rustin Thompson; Engaged Spirituality, by Joe Nangle; and March On! by Christine King Farris.


Violet, whispered Eve, because saying the names aloud made the act too real. Pansy and woodruff, the flowers so small
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary for February.