The Common Good

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Cover Story

Christian conscience in a time of war.
The churches' pre-emptive response to Bush's Iraq plans.


Nobel Prize-winning physicist Bill Phillips talks about his faith
Around the world publicly owned, government-run water utilities are being sold off to for-profit companies.
William Gates Sr.—whose son is Microsoft founder Bill Gates—joins with co-author Chuck Collins to argue that the wealthiest among us have an obligation to pay their fair share.
. . . and other lessons from a life well-lived.


In a time of crisis, uncertainty, and policy debate, one would think that Christians in the United States would agree
Is it anti-Semitic to criticize Israel?
What Falwell and bin Laden have in common.
As Christians, how do we live in times like these?


Whatever Christians decide about war with Iraq, they must do it on the basis of Christian theology.

Zachary Bentley says he's no Ralph Nader.

At the corner of 14th and Euclid Streets NW in Washington, D.C., many evenings at
sunset, the Domino's deliveryman kneels down to pray.

As our nation prepares for war against—depending on the mood of the president—al Qaeda, Iraq, or unnecessarily big words (such as "civil liberties"), it is a sober time in America.

Culture Watch

An interview with Chris Hedges on our love affair with war.
Jesus, Jazz, and Justice
As this is written, rescue workers are still separating the bodies from the bamboo after the terrorist bombing of a nightclub in Bali.
What are my favorite things for listening to, watching, and perusing? Well...
Filmmaker Michael Moore loves to pick at the sores of America's self-delusions, and he's really good at it.
Sister Dianna Ortiz was kidnapped and tortured by Guatemalan security forces in November 1989 while serving as a missionary there.
Thomas Patterson says that the juice has been squeezed out of elections for Americans...
More than 30 years into his career, nine Grammys, and dozens of tours, 55-year-old Carlos Santana's music continues to evolve, and he's bringing another generation along for the ride.
The first time I played Waterdeep's new album for my housemates, they were up and dancing within seconds.


Epiphany: It's one of the most "religious" words there is.
Women's Re-entry Network in Cleveland is like many nonprofits—it is financially pinched and has a big-hearted but overworked staff that struggles to meet the needs of its clients.
Employment Opportunities
We began work on this issue in autumn, an especially strange and fearful autumn around our Washington, D.C. home.