The Common Good

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A quarter century with Sojourners


Henri Nouwen's journey home
IT WAS A WONDERFUL sunny Sunday morning in June 1996. In high spirits our group left the Franciscan monastery at Rama, in central Bosnia, to drive to the small mountain village of Podhum.
I especially remember one visit among many to Sojourners by Henri Nouwen.
The gift and struggle of Henri Nouwen's life
It's 4:20 p.m. I'm standing over the Olympic soccer stadium in Sarajevo. From one goal post to the other are graves-headstones of various sizes and shapes, most unmarked.
As told to Rose Marie Berger


Conspiracy buffs couldn't have concocted a more compelling story.
Kevorkian's caricature of mercy
Netanyahu undercuts the peace process
Opening church doors to street youth
A new measure of economic growth
The irreplaceable voice of Daughters of Sarah.


I'm beginning this column at about 30,000 feet, en route to Akron, Ohio. We're doing the Who Speaks for God?

It feels "normal" again in Atlanta, whatever that means.

"Death sucks." Five years ago this was the opening of a eulogy by a minister for a mutual friend who died tragically.

What time-honored edible has all of the following: the warmth and comfort of hot bread; the fragrance of a baking cake; the staying power of potatoes and gravy

A recent survey, taken in a school for upper-middle-class American children, surfaced a startling statistic.

Culture Watch

The most relevant novel of our time is a 40-year-old fantasy
A Tribute to Bill Monroe
Finding just the right gift for holiday pleasure
Kathleen Norris' monastic reflections
The public beliefs of Ralph Reed and Tony Campolo
Martin Luther King's challenge to injustice
Baking bread the Jesuit way
The gentle power of Carrie Newcomer
Hammering down the non-conformist in Harriet the Spy.


When a beloved person dies abruptly, first the bad news flies, short and rending.
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary
Baby don't cry:
Organizing to narrow the gap between rich and poor in America
Inspiring the faithful to be the "moral locomotive for social change."
Tibetan Aid Project. Manufacturing Consent. Against Forgetting.
When a beloved person dies abruptly, first the bad news flies, short and rending.