The Common Good

Carey Burkett

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For quite a few winters now, I have watched a great joy of mine turn slowly into sadness: No one writes letters anymore, a fact that is especially noticeable at Christmas card time.

"No thanks, it makes me sick." "Let’s
see, if I leave the milk out of these rolls Sheila can eat
them." "Will Dad eat birthday cake tonight (and go
off his wheat-free diet)

Someday when I see the sale card announcing "12
Lemons for a Dollar" at the grocery store, I’m
going to buy all 12 instead of just two or three.

The loaves and fishes in the Bible story of the "feeding of the five thousand" (a major sandwich-making operation) should spring to mind whenever hungry people congregate.

Yesterday I learned that a friend will be moving far away.
And my thoughts have turned to planning a good-bye party,