The Common Good

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Cover Story

The power of God in the creative vocation.
Tools (Joseph speaks)
IN MY AUGHT YEARS (that time before teen-dom), somebody in my family left a hamburger on the stove, which proceeded to catch afire.
THE TASK of the novelist is to give the devil his due. I will leave it to the saints to manifest God's presence in their words and deeds. That is the art of saints.
Creativity comes from inspiration; inspiration comes from spirituality; spirituality comes from holiness; and holiness comes from God. All people are created in the image of God and so are spir
GOD'S CREATIVITY can be reflected in innumerable ways in our world, but artists have a particular role. Artists often instinctively sense changes in society first.
About 10 years ago, I fulfilled my great childhood wish to own a horse.
MY WORK AS AN ARTIST is a reflection of God's work of creation in our society and in the world.
Creativity and spirituality are intimately linked: The place from which I create is the place I most closely touch God; the piece of God within us inspires us to create; the Source of all thing
For political writers who see our work as a necessary tool in the struggle for social change, faith is essential; it determines and shapes commitment as well as vision.


Jesus answers our cry for spiritual deliverance. A Bible study on Mark 5:1-20.
While many Christians today understand Jesus' prayer as directed to a God who is both Mother and Father, and while many Christians prefer more inclusive language such as "reign of God" over th
Applying social analysis to the political process.


Pat Buchanan and the Religious Right.
Christians and the Endangered Species Act.
The Christian Coalition stalks Catholics.
What to do about sleazy TV?
Churches stand with those who labor.
Shattering myths in Northern Ireland.


Two recent films have caused me much reflection.

She lays her smooth head in her mother's lap. Then she folds her long leg-long for a 9-year-old-under herself, hiding the pink satin ballet slipper on her foot.

One can only marvel at couples who successfully manage life in
community alongside their own needs as spouses.

When blizzards closed down cities on the East Coast this past
winter, the media reported on some strange meals people were eating.
Empty supermarket shelves and slim pickings at home led to cre

I am going to begin this story, in a sense, where it ended, and where it will never end.

As the primary season mercifully draws to a close, our crack H'rumphs
election team has determined that, with most of the delegate votes
tallied for the upcoming Republican convention, Bob Dole

Culture Watch

World music: The sound of the global village.
Jane Austen's moral universe.
Sketches of God from children in crisis.
Rock, religion, and redemption.
Gifted with the "jewels of one's own tradition."
Barbara Kingsolver swims at high tide.
The ground of urban ministry.
Huey Long taught us that "all politics is personal." 1970s feminist activists showed us how "the personal is political." Folk musicians remind us that personal stories have political implicati
If Pat Buchanan had not roared, grinning and sweaty, through the American political scene this year, someone would have invented him: America was waiting for someone to come along and push all


At altitude on scaffolding to uncover art is a good dream and I'm still awake finding I belong up high getting dirty in the rafters with the monks chanting in the chancel, and
Hearing the facts about the death penalty.
A way to make a positive difference this election year.
Cook for a Cause. State of the World. Access to Reinvestment. National Green Pages.
VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Work in a social service ministry while living in Christian community in Los Angeles with the Episcopal Urban Intern Program. Adults ages 21-30
Reflections on the revised common lectionary, cycle A.
SEVERAL OF the artists who wrote for our forum on the creative vocation touched on the fact that art, like faith, is hard work as well as sweet inspiration.