The Common Good

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What's faith got to do with it?
Try to imagine civil rights marches without the spirituals or South African freedom without toi-toi.
"Multiculturalism" is a popular culture term used by certain people of color and white people.
Two very distinct types of culture exist, and both are active forces in our society today.
R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe on political mockery.
Many of my comrades regard Mozart as another dead white male who wrote dainty, high-priced irrelevancies. It's true that rural peasants had another music.
"Postmodernism" is a weird term.
Real culture is a form of resistance. It's the music or art of communities. It affirms a particular reality.
Under what conditions do pop culture images and icons hold a liberating function?
Our daughter Lydia attends a public Waldorf school.
Mozart's Enlightenment was for men; women minded the children and washed the socks. That offends and angers me, but it troubles me too.
"The only game in town?" C’mon, Dave! You don’t really want to give all that away, do ya’? Didn’t that Palestinian peasant come saying, "A new game is at hand"?
The reclamation of Chicano artistic life that came out of the movements of the 1960s has provided the images and symbols that fuel the Latino community's struggle to find itself.
I hope we are vigilant to resist making careers out of the most fashionable terminology at hand. We must keep in mind why we are committed to a new humanity.
God created and saw that it was good. But since then things have been more ambiguous.
I'm jealous of countries or regions that have a popular culture.
The most successful method of resistance among the Maya in Mexico and Central America from the time of the Spanish conquest in the 15th century has been the transmission of religious and cultural


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According to many political pundits—Left, Right, and Center—the era of battles over expanding opportunities and rights—be they civil, equal, or other—is nearly over. Over the
Many of us would say, if we were to be honest, that we think NBA basketball is of a higher ilk than monster-truck pulls.
You might not like the Religious Right’s answers. But, on the subject of health reform, they at least ask some of the right questions.
At a recent Washington, D.C.


A dream came to me. It was the mid-1990s. Most unusual things began to happen...

We gathered in the courtyard outside the First United
Methodist Church in Brevard, North Carolina, just about dusk on
Good Friday.

For salad lovers this is a heady time of year with more greens around than a person can shake a salad fork at.

Thirty years after Mississippi Freedom Summer, 3,000 international observers return from El Salvador’s postwar "democratic elections."

Summer campfires and sing-alongs aside, the history of
God's people is written twice: Once in documents beginning
with the Torah and the Bible, and simultaneously in the music passed from family

This issue of Sojourners marks a significant
breakthrough in paper technology.

Culture Watch

The continuing influence of Thomas Merton
Merton's conversational flavor is best embodied by a series of lectures now available through Creedence Cassettes.
The journey through grief.
George Higgins, labor priest.
Strategies for confronting the powers.
Happy 10th, Utne Reader! It’s hard to believe I’ve seen that little perfect-bound mag tucked under friends’ arms for a decade now.


The scriptures for our meditations come from first and second Samuel, the Psalms, the gospel according to Mark, and Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians.
Worship at the Heart: The PAX Community Celebrates 25 Years
Genesis House ministers to women in prostitution
The saint descended From her carriage to stretch Her forefinger to a peasant girl Whose face was covered with sores;
Comic Books, the Terminator movies, the blues, and the baseball season opener.