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Tony Campolo is founder of the Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education (EAPE) and professor emeritus of sociology at Eastern University.

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Posted by Tony Campolo, Shane Claiborne 2 years 29 weeks ago
TONY CAMPOLO: Shane, I have a question to ask that may make you squirm a little bit. From hearing you talk and reading your books, you often seem to suggest that Christians not participate in the...
Posted by Tony Campolo 3 years 16 weeks ago
The need for Red Letter Christians to no longer be labeled "evangelicals" became abundantly clear this past Saturday following the South Carolina Republican Primary. Most Evangelicals claim to be...
Posted by Tony Campolo 3 years 49 weeks ago
Posted by Tony Campolo 4 years 51 weeks ago
Posted by Tony Campolo 5 years 4 days ago

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Many Christians are questioning whether evangelicals care enough about trying to change the political and economic institutions of our society so that they will provide equal justice for all of its

Peggy and Tony Campolo dialogue about the church and homosexuality.

Billy Graham's walk with the Lord.

The Bible gives very clear instructions that Christians should
be subject to government authorities (Romans 13:1-4).

Can Christians learn how to disagree without being
disagreeable? As we enter the political arena, can we learn to
differ without trashing those who disagree with us?