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Sondra Haaga

Director of Integrated Branding and Production

Sondra Is the Director of Special Projects and Resources at Sojourners.


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Posted by Sondra Haaga 6 years 12 weeks ago
Posted by Sondra Haaga 6 years 24 weeks ago
American churches are still segregated, and it is the way most of us—regardless of our race—would like to keep it. At least, so suggests the recent online CNN article titled, “Why...
Posted by Sondra Haaga 6 years 44 weeks ago
In response to the racially tinged controversial remarks made by his former pastor, Barack Obama's speech on the current state of race and politics in America is one that I believe every American...

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An intergenerational conversation on why we need Christian community, and where to find it.

For more on building Christian community, Bob Sabath and Sondra Shepley suggest the following resources (but Bob cautions, “Books a community doth not make!”).