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Rachel Laser

Rachel Laser is the RAC's Deputy Director. Ms. Laser has a diverse background in policy advocacy, coalition building, message development, and political strategy. She served as Senior Vice President at Hattaway Communications and as Director of the Culture Program at Third Way, a Washington, D.C., progressive think tank specializing in understanding and reaching moderates. At Third Way, she launched the Come Let Us Reason Together Initiative, which mobilized evangelical Christians and progressive activists to work together on divisive social issues. Rachel enjoys spending time with her husband and three children and serving as a mentor to young women who share her professional interests.

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Posted by Rachel Laser 1 year 5 weeks ago
My first marathon ever — 2003 in New York City — did not go according to plan. On the positive side, I would never have guessed that P. Diddy would be running the same marathon and at the same pace...