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Mary Ann Walsh

Sister Mary Ann Walsh is director of media relations at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

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Posted by Mary Ann Walsh 37 weeks 3 days ago
Sometimes a picture says it all.Consider the 1963 picture of fire hoses and snarling police dogs in Birmingham, Ala., used against African-American students protesting racial segregation. Surely not...
Posted by Mary Ann Walsh 1 year 2 days ago
Thirty years ago, when the United States established full diplomatic relations with the Holy See, critics of the move fell into two camps.One group worried that the Vatican would try to unduly...
Posted by Mary Ann Walsh 1 year 14 weeks ago
To paraphrase Shakespeare’s musing on a name, “What’s in a cover?”In the past week, we’ve seen Pope Francis on the cover of Time as the magazine’s “2013 Person of the Year,” followed by...