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Lyndsey Christoffersen

Lyndsey Christoffersen, Ph.D. is an instructor at Chapman University and cofounder of the Long Beach Human Trafficking Task Force. She researchs human trafficking and wrote her dissertation, 'City of Slaves: Local Regulation of Human Trafficking,' on modern day slavery in Los Angeles County.


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Posted by Lyndsey Christoffersen 39 weeks 2 days ago
The 2009 movie Taken throws its audience into the world of human trafficking. An American teen girl and her friend are taken while on a European vacation and sold into the sex trade through a...
Posted by Lyndsey Christoffersen 39 weeks 3 days ago
Diedrich Boenhoeffer wrote about it. Pastors preach about it. Churches strive for it.Community.It is a concept that has had a long history in the American church. It can come in many forms. Bringing...
Posted by Lyndsey Christoffersen 1 year 7 hours ago
James' assertation that "Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress"(1:27) is nothing new in the church. This verse gets...

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From "modest is hottest" to misreading sexual violence in the Bible, Christians have a checkered history regarding rape culture.