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Ken Garfield

Ken Garfield writes for Religion News Service.

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Posted by Ken Garfield 1 year 11 weeks ago
In a small college town 20 miles north of Charlotte, N.C., “Homeless Jesus” is provoking more conversation than a month of Sunday sermons.The life-size sculpture depicting a figure asleep under a...
Posted by Ken Garfield 1 year 34 weeks ago
We gathered at Billy Graham’s alma mater over three days to explore his ministry’s place in American history and chronicle its meaning for the future. It was a fascinating conversation, and poignant...
Posted by Ken Garfield 3 years 6 weeks ago
CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Another voice from the past is telling the stories of the Holocaust.Violins that outlived the owners who played them in the death camps and Jewish ghettos are being brought back to...