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Beau Underwood

Senior Director of Advocacy

Beau Underwood serves as senior director of advocacy for Sojourners. In this role he helps to create and implement the organization’s issue campaigns, manages online advocacy, and builds relationships with key partners and constituencies.

A graduate of Eureka College and the University of Chicago, Beau is an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). While his graduate studies in religion and public policy make him a bad dinner companion, the work of Sojourners to engage these impolite topics has long inspired him.

Around more polite company, Beau is likely to be talking about his beloved Chicago White Sox, discussing the latest book he’s read, or offering the sort of bad pun you’d expect a pastor to make.

Blog Posts by Beau Underwood

Posted by Beau Underwood 11 weeks 3 days ago
To the dying church,The ongoing decline of American Christianity is well documented. A quick Google search of “mainline decline” provides statistics, commentary, and variously tried and discarded...
Posted by Beau Underwood 41 weeks 4 days ago
The world as we know it may end on Oct. 17.This statement seems hyperbolic. It sounds like another absurd prediction of the end times that garners far too much attention from the media. But this isn’...
Posted by Beau Underwood 49 weeks 2 days ago
In the New Testament book of James, we are cautioned about the power of our tongues. “With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s...
Posted by Beau Underwood 50 weeks 2 days ago
As a kid, the school day revolved around recess. The bell rang, the books closed, and we bolted out of the building and onto the playground. For a few brief minutes anything was possible....
Posted by Beau Underwood 1 year 6 weeks ago
If asked, “what is the most challenging Sunday to preach a sermon?” I suspect few pastors would say July 4th weekend. But as leaders providing spiritual guidance in a country that is often...

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These manufactured crises show how much our politics could use a dose of moral sanity.