The Common Good

Andrew Simpson

Former Policy and Outreach Assistant Intern at Sojourners

The most natural way to describe myself is to start with a description of my family and home town as they have shaped me in the most important of ways. My father is the Senior Pastor at University Baptist Church, Chapel Hill and taught me some of life’s most important lessons including the therapy of yard work, the secret to a great steak (hint: garlic salt), what it really means to be a Tar Heel and how to love the Lord. My mother is a first grade teacher at Trinity School, in Durham and taught me the virtues of grace, patience and the lesson of not-putting-ketchup-on-all-your-food. I have a younger brother named Aaron who is much funnier than I am and a younger sister Ellie who is constantly humbling me with her sassy attitude and many talents.

I was raised in the beautiful, scenic and hospitable state of North Carolina and have lived most of my life in Chapel Hill. Being a preachers kid meant I spent most of my wakening hours either in school or doing free labor for my dad at the church as a proxy janitor. Despite the long hours at church, being part of a loving faith community was invaluable to me as I grew up. The church family fostered my spiritual, personal and creative growth as I grew older and taught me the importance of critical thinking, social justice and a faith-filled life. Being a preacher’s son also gave me a window into the reality that all of us, even those who seem to be well composed, are broken and in need of grace.

Growing up in Chapel Hill, I became an avid Tar Heel fan and attended the University of North Carolina where I studied Economics. Most of my extracurricular time during college was spent singing with an a cappella group called the Clef Hangers, hanging out with community of Christian guys at “Mrs. D’s House” or playing basketball, frisbee, football etc.

I have followed Sojourners for a long time now. It has always been a reminder to me that we, as Christians, are called to love God and show that love by serving others. I’m happy to be on board for this year as Sojourners and excited to continue to see God move in big ways!

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