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Racism in the Legal System: Beyond the Quick-Fix Approach
Originally Posted: 08/14/2013 - 1:34pm | Type: Blog

I believe evangelicals have the possibility of addressing racial injustice in a more creative way that could get more closely to the roots of the problem if we took the time to think creatively. ...

An Inconvenient Truth: I Am Black
Originally Posted: 01/17/2013 - 10:11am | Type: Blog

I am much more likely to live in an impoverished neighborhood, receive an inferior education in a neighborhood school, and not graduate from high school than white students my age. Those are inconvenient truth ...

A Convenient Truth: I Am White
Originally Posted: 01/17/2013 - 10:10am | Type: Blog

There are countless factors one could cite for the current levels of race-based inequality in the U.S., and many opinions exist surrounding potential solutions, yet there are three points of emphasis that need ...