The Common Good

phnom penh

What Does Justice Look Like in Cambodia?

For the first time, a senior Khmer Rouge commander has been found guilty of crimes against humanity in Cambodi
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Christian Hospitality in Phnom Penh

A handful of Christians living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, are making use of the age-old nonviolent practice of hospitality to 60 community representatives who suffer constant threats and intimidation as they work to protect land, fisheries, forests, and waterways from development projects (see
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The Dark Side of Development

Development is a word full of hope. It brings to mind water pumps and rice banks, bridges and education, smiling children and sky-scraping financial institutions. Yet there is a dark side to development. On Friday, July 17th, at 4 a.m., this dark side showed its face when
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A Prime Minister's Conscience is Pricked

Only God would open up an opportunity for a Catholic from San Francisco to speak prophetically to the Prime Minister of Australia, at the Anglican Centre in Rome, on behalf of Cambodians about to lose their land in Phnom Penh. God cares that much about the poor.
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