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Telling Old Stories, Again and Again
Originally Posted: 03/24/2015 - 5:43pm | Type: Blog

When enough people feel unheard, unacceptable, not OK, the system will collapse. At a church workshop last week, I set aside my carefully planned teaching and just let people talk ...

Liberty and Justice for Some
Originally Posted: 09/24/2011 - 5:14pm | Type: Blog

In the wake of the tragic bombing in Norway this past weekend, we are left with an unsettling picture of the state of anti-Islamic sentiments in the United States. In the wake of ...

Psalm 94 and Sudan
Originally Posted: 07/14/2011 - 8:34am | Type: Blog

Psalm 94 is not my psalm, and perhaps it's not yours either. Psalm 8; Psalm 23; Psalm 100. They get a lot of air time because they really speak to us. Psalm 94 is not my ps ...

Video: Jim Wallis and Eboo Patel
Originally Posted: 07/14/2011 - 8:18am | Type: Blog

At <a href="">Interfaith Youth Core's</a> conference, Dr. Eboo Patel talks to Jim Wallis about Jim's personal faith journey and the potential for interfaith coop ...

Pray for Glenn Beck
Originally Posted: 08/31/2011 - 4:39pm | Type: Blog

<p><a href=""></a><a href=""> ...