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George Clooney Witnesses War Crimes in Sudan
Originally Posted: 03/14/2012 - 4:01pm | Type: Blog

On a recent trip to Sudan's Nuba Mountains, George Clooney witnessed rocket attacks against the Nuban people and the effects of the ongoing violence. George Clooney has been ...

Sudan: History Must Not Repeat Itself
Originally Posted: 07/25/2011 - 9:53am | Type: Blog

We cannot allow the history of a brutal genocide to repeat itself in Sudan, nor denial and inaction to repeat itself in Washington, D.C., but both are happening at this very moment ...

Despite Genocide, I See Hope for Sudan
Originally Posted: 07/14/2011 - 8:35am | Type: Blog

The events that I saw in my childhood during the <a href="" target="_blank">war in Sudan</a> are called genocide today. ...