The Common Good


Hymn for Pakistan: "Whatever You Do"

This hymn can be a helpful one for churches seeking to support the relief efforts in Pakistan.
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Why did God Create Women?

In Half the Sky, Pulitzer Prize-winning authors Kristof and WuDunn document the global exploitation of women an abuse to which we have become indifferent.
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Jesus Didn't Overlook Gender, He Transcended It

Earlier this year I spent nearly one week at a Christian university.
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A Woman with Full Authority

Many people in Minnesota get really excited about fall. We welcome cooler weather, colorful trees, and a chance to share treasures from our garden.
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Bible Translation Debates: The Challenge of Changing Language

Have you ever noticed how every day language is used to manipulate and shape rather than describe reality? Here is one example.
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Judgment Day: Does Matthew 25 Apply to the Health-Care Debate?

Yesterday, I heard a Christian leader say that the teaching of Jesus in Matthew 25 is not a reason for Christians to support universal health care guaranteed by their government.
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