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Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself...

cathicowgirl1They call me ..."God Girl."*

And I'll be your new tour guide here at God's Politics.

Some of you may know me by my more official byline, Cathleen Falsani. I've been a contributing editor and columnist for Sojourners Magazine for several years now, writing a column every other month called "Godstuff" and also have contributed from time to time to this'a'here blog.

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Audio: An Interview with Two Immigrant Advocates from the Sisters of Mercy

[Editors' Note: This month, Sojourners and Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform will be featuring "The Stories of Immigration" blog series.
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Books, Films, and Studies on the Surprising Power of Nonviolence

At Sojourners, we have always been advocates of principled nonviolence. But all too often, conventional wisdom has seen nonviolence as passivity, even in the face of injustice.
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Does Sunday School Have a Future?

Sunday school. It was one of the main reasons I enjoyed church as a child. As a young adult, it sometimes still is. But there's a conversation brewing: Does Sunday school have a future?
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Why Flobots Is Doing a May Day Concert in Arizona (+Free Download)

I am a rapper. I rap in a band called Flobots. Today is day one of our spring tour promoting our new album Survival Story, so I am writing this from a tour bus in a hotel parking lot in Albuquerque.
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Video: Phone Calls from Papi

Linzi, a U.S. citizen, fell in love with Domingo, a Mexican immigrant, when she was 13 years old. They were married in 2006. They have three daughters together.
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Glenn Beck Responds: Social Justice 'Is a Perversion of the Gospel'

BREAKING UPDATE: Our message to Glenn Beck is getting through. This morning on his radio show he responded to
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