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Five Misconceptions About Men
Originally Posted: 10/15/2012 - 3:56pm | Type: Blog

Rather than dissecting the points of friction I found with author David Murrow (which were many), I thought I’d try to outline a few major distinctions between traditional “modern” male identity and what some ...

Muslims Launch Campaign to Explain Shariah
Originally Posted: 03/04/2012 - 11:46am | Type: Blog

Against a backdrop of heartland fears that U.S. Muslims seek to impose Islamic law on American courts, a leading Muslim group will launch a campaign Monday to dispel what it called misconceptions about Shariah ...

The Top Six Mistakes Reporters Make About Mormons
Originally Posted: 02/06/2012 - 4:13pm | Type: Blog

I spent the weekend in New York at a conference I co-organized on Mormonism and American politics. We had two days of stimulating papers and presentations, an overview of which you can read here. One of my fav ...