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President Obama Visits Reform Activists In Fasting

Date: December 18, 2013
On day 18, “Fast for Families” welcomed the visit of President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. SEIU’s Eliseo Medina, from National Korean American Service and Education Consortium (NAKASEC) Dae Joong Yoon and the DREAMer and Mi Familia Vota’s Cristian Avila as well as FIRM‘s Rudy Lopez and Sojourner‘s Lisa Sharon Harper along with 22 other advocates fasting in solidarity, met with the President and First Lady in a private session at the “Fast for Families” tent where both listened closely to the fasters’ personal stories.

Fast For Families And Immigration Reform

Source: JD Supra
Date: December 17, 2013
The four original fasters—Eliseo Medina, Dae Joong Yoon of NAKASEC, Lisa Sharon Harper of Sojourners, and Cristian Avila of Mi Familia Vota— fasted for 22 days before a group of replacements stepped in when fasting became medically dangerous for the group.

Notes From The Fast For Families Tent

Date: December 12, 2013
The Fast for Families represents a depth of commitment to immigration reform beyond anything I’ve seen before. The four original fasters—Eliseo Medina, Dae Joong Yoon of NAKASEC, Lisa Sharon Harper of Sojourners, and Cristian Avila of Mi Familia Vota—come from different backgrounds and showcase the diversity within the immigration movement. I watched Eliseo go gaunt before my eyes, losing 25 pounds and having his hair turn completely white. I watched DJ Yoon be taken to the hospital, and then immediately return after being discharged the following day.

Demanding More From The Deportation President

Date: December 12, 2013
In protest of the delay in Congress to vote on H.R.15, the bill for comprehensive immigration reform, community leaders fasted for weeks in the shadow of Capitol Hill. For 22 days, Eliseo Medina of SEIU, Cristian Avila of Mi Familia Vota, Dae Joong Yoon of NAKASEC and Lisa Sharon Harper of Sojourners fasted for justice, drinking only water. Garnering attention nationwide, President Obama, Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and several other representatives visited the fasters.

31 Days Of Fasting Ends With Bread And A Promise To Come Back Next Year

Date: December 12, 2013
Rudy Lopez, a faster with the organization Fair Immigration Reform Movement, was carried up to the main platform where he was supported by core fasters including Eliseo Medina, Dae Joong Yoon, Cristian Avila, Lisa Harper, Rev. Jim Wallis, and others. Lopez abstained from food for 22 days.

Pelosi, House Democrats Call On House GOP To Take Action On Immigration Reform

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Date: December 12, 2013
WASHINGTON, DC - DECEMBER 12: House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) (R) greets Rev. Jim Wallis as she arrives at an immigration event with members of Fast for Families immigration reform movement, and other members of the House, on the steps of the U.S. Capitol December 12, 2013 in Washington, DC. Pelosi called on Speaker of the House John Boehner to take action on bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform during the event. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Immigration Reform: It Ain't Over Until God Says It's Done

Date: December 13, 2013
Saying an opening prayer at the Nelson Mandela Memorial Service on Wednesday, in Washington, D.C. was both an honor and a blessing for me. The theme of the homily, by my good friend Rev. Dr. Allan Boesak, was "it ain't over until God says it's done."

Advent-Season Fasting By Supporters Of New US Immigration Bill

On November 12 (2013), at the eastern edge of Washington D.C.'s Mall, only steps from the Capitol, people advocating for comprehensive immigration reform set up a tent and began a “Fast for Families.” On that first day, several well-known individuals like Jim Wallis of Sojourners, as well as passers-by, joined the fast and some have continued to this day.

Sierra Clubbers Help Culminate Fast For Families, Join Call For Immigration Reform

Source: Sierra Club
Date: December 13, 2013
At yesterday's event, former SEIU Vice President Eliseo Medina referred to the fast as a wake-up call to the nation about "the moral crisis caused by our broken immigration system." Medina was one of four original fasters who broke their fast on December 3, and passed the baton to others including Sojourners founder Rev. Jim Wallis, Congressman Joe Kennedy III, and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel.

Why A Climate Activist Fasted Nine Days For Immigrant Families

Date: December 13, 2013
The list of visitors while I was in the tent, including some who joined the fast, reads like a virtual Who's Who: Gloria Steinem, charismatic faith leaders, like the Reverends Bernice King, Jesse Jackson and Jim Wallis, prominent labor leaders, like Service Employees International Union President, Mary Kay Henry and Communications Workers of America President, Larry Cohen, well-known progressive activists, like Dolores Huerta and Paul and Heather Booth, Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, Xavier Becerra, and Republican House members Jeff Denham and David Valadao. In all, nearly 50 lawmakers visited the tent during the month-long campaign, including my own Congressman Jared Polis from Boulder.