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Use of drones neither just nor moral

Date: August 7, 2013
Targeted killings by drones, which have become key elements of the Obama administration's counter terrorism strategy, fail the test of morality on a number of grounds:

DRONE WATCH: U.S. Reduces Strikes in Pakistan

The U.S. has drastically reduced the number of drone strikes in Pakistan.
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DRONE WATCH: Courts and Drones

Federal judge questions claim that courts have no role in examining drone strikes that kill American citizens.
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DRONE WATCH: Spies in the Sky

As lethal drone strikes decline, the use of drones for surveillance increases.
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Who Would Jesus Drone?

Dear Liberty University,

I want to write truthfully about God. I know many will find that an odd way to begin a letter about U.S. drone warfare, but I see no other way. This morning, I was discouraged to read that Liberty University has been training Christians to pilot armed U.S. drones since 2011 in your School of Aeronautics (SOA). The reasons for my discouragement are many — not least of which is the idea that Liberty graduates can somehow "serve the Lord" by targeting and killing their neighbors. Here, I would like to outline some of my concerns in detail with the hope that Liberty might reconsider, or at least restate theologically, its position regarding U.S. drone warfare.

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DRONE WATCH: Attack in Pakistan Kills 17

At least 17 people were killed in the first U.S. drone attack in Pakistan since May 28.
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DRONE WATCH: Revenge of the Taliban

Pakistani Taliban kill nine foreign mountain climbers to avenge the death of a Taliban commander in a drone strike.
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DRONE WATCH: Protest March Arrives in Des Moines

Anti-drone acitivsts arrive at a National Guard base in Des Moines, Iowa, after a nearly 200-mile march.
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DRONE WATCH: Killing of 10-year-old Angers Yemenis

Drone strike in Yemen kills 10-year-old brother of Al Qaeda leader.
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DRONE WATCH: Drone Surveillance in the U.S.

Drones have been used for law enforcement surveillance inthe U.S.
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