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Western Christians Should Support a Palestinian Statehood
Originally Posted: 10/05/2011 - 6:24am | Type: Blog

Late last week Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas spoke at the United Nations to request an official recognition of Palestine as an independent state with full statehood status at the UN. ...

Voices from the Web (and World): Responses to the Troy Davis Execution
Originally Posted: 09/24/2011 - 5:14pm | Type: Blog

"Continuing a cycle of violence through state-sanctioned actions does not bring justice but only creates a culture of death and retribution. " Continuing a cycle of vi ...

Afternoon Philosofail
Originally Posted: 09/24/2011 - 5:14pm | Type: Blog

A philosophy professor of mine from college, who is also a Facebook friend, just posted a link to the following item, without comment (although I could hear what he was undoubtedly thinking from 900 m ...

Who Speaks for American Jews?
Originally Posted: 07/14/2011 - 8:34am | Type: Blog

It's the age-old question. Who can claim to speak for American Jews on Israel?</p> <p>World Jewish Congress president Ron Lauder seems to think he's found the answer. It's him.< ...

Jews, Muslims Need a New Playbook in Responding to the Gaza Conflict
Originally Posted: 07/14/2011 - 8:17am | Type: Blog

The <a href="">Council of Islamic Relations </a>calls the Israeli attack on Gaza a "disproportionate and counterproductive ... The ...