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For Clergy, Lost Faith Can Lead to Lost Family, Jobs
Originally Posted: 05/01/2012 - 9:41am | Type: Blog

The Clergy Project is an online support network for pastors who have lost their faith and found atheism. As coming out parties go, this was a big one. As the American Atheists ...

Atheism: A Null Hypothesis on God
Originally Posted: 01/17/2012 - 10:02am | Type: Blog

When I talk about myself in relationship to atheists I often sound like a post-civil-rights white person trying to minimize the gap between myself and another group. When I talk a ...

Rule No. 1 of Interfaith Relations: Faith is Required
Originally Posted: 10/28/2011 - 9:02am | Type: Blog

I know that effective blog posts require some kind of news hook to get people interested, so, take your pick: Nearly two weeks ago, 24 Copts died in Egypt. I know that effective ...

We Need a Clean Energy Conversion
Originally Posted: 07/14/2011 - 8:34am | Type: Blog

We need a clean energy conversion.</p> We need a clean energy conversion. If civil rights was the key issue of the previous generation, I think clean energy is one o ...

Video: David Bazan's Reasonable Doubt
Originally Posted: 08/31/2011 - 4:39pm | Type: Blog

<p>Since 1994, musician David Bazan (former front man of Pedro the Lion and Headphones) has put sharp questions about faith, justice, and his Pentecostal-evangelical upbringing front and center in his so ...