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We currently have the table of contents for all back issues of Sojourners magazine from Fall 1971, and we have online content for all back issues since January 1994. You can find them below or through our search engine using key words in the text. To obtain printed copies of available back issues, including those before 1994, visit the Sojourners Resource Center or call 1-800-714-7474 or (202)328-8842.

Sojourners 2000

Sojourners 1999

Sojourners 1998

Sojourners 1997

  • Mission Possible: The inward-outward journey of Mary and Gordon Cosby
  • Go Directly to Church: Criminologist John DiIulio describes why unconditional love can save our youth.
  • From the Inside Out: Miriam Therese Winter on imagination, women in the church, and finding God between the lines.
  • All Together Now! A new ecumenical spirit promises to take the church into the 21st century.
  • The issue isn't welfare reform. It's Poverty. The church rises to face the coming crisis.
  • Labors of Love: Jean Sindab's abiding passion for justice.

Sojourners 1996

  • Celebrating 25 Years: A Sampler from a quarter century of Sojourners. Also, a tribute to Henri Nouwen: Safe in God's Heart.
  • Enough Already! Americans are sick and tired of the uncivil way we do politics.
  • Dianna Ortiz's Vigil for Truth. "I have felt the evil of my torturers dance within me. But today I can say I am free."
  • In the Image of God: Artists on the Creativity of Faith
  • Marriage in the Balance: Sex, Fidelity, and Freedom
  • Can We Talk? It's time for a new conversation on race in America

Sojourners 1995

  • To the Highest Bidder: Stopping the sellout of democracy--before it's too late
  • Hallowed Ground: Learning to live rightly on the earth
  • Hiroshima: The Fire Still Burns
  • Women and Children First: Developing a common agenda to make abortion rare
  • Who Speaks for God? Good News! There is an alternative to the partisan gospel of the Religious Right--and it's growing

Sojourners 1994

  • Wise Blood: Celebrating the fierce and redemptive fiction of Flannery O'Connor
  • A Generation's Faith: Christian Twentysomethings Challenge the Stereotypes
  • The Soul of Politics: Discovering a Practical and Prophetic Vision for Change
  • Too Many People? A Special Issue. Population, lifestyle, and sustaining the earth.
  • Why I Stay In the Church: Rosemary Radfor Ruether, Richard Rohr, O.F.M.
  • Pop Culture: What's faith got to do with it?
  • A Faith to Move Mountains: Shaking the foundations of power in Mexico.
  • The Difference That Faith Makes: Marian Wright Edelman's ethic of service.
  • Worth Fighting For: The Churches mobilize to save urban America. A 10 Point Plan.
  • Dance of the Heart: The guts and grace of Carlos Santana.

Sojourners 1988

  • Mothers of Sorrow and Hope: From South africa to San Salvador, from Northern Ireland to Detroit, women are uniting against the violence that is taking away their loved ones.