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December 2013

12 Unique Gifts With a Positive Impact

by The Editors | December 2013

Invest in the transformation of lives by trying some of these fair trade, eco-friendly gift ideas or charities.

In “Reimagining Christmas,” (Sojourners, December 2013) Sheldon Good writes about the Advent Conspiracy — a catalytic idea that seeks to turn Christmas upside down and transform lives by exchanging consumption for compassion.

 “What if Christmas weren’t just for me?” asks Rick McKinley, one of the founders of Advent Conspiracy. “What if [we could] do this together? If the story of Christmas changed the worldonce, which I think it did, what if it wouldcontinue to do that?”

Join the Advent Conspiracy movement. Invest in the transformation of lives by trying some of these fair trade, eco-friendly gift ideas or charities featured in Sojourners’ Just Giving Guide.

  1. Suti Sana, a small business project of Word Made Flesh Bolivia, offers employment and support for survivors of trafficking and prostitution. In their process toward abundant life, women use their training, creativity, and talent to produce beautiful handbags, greeting cards, and other products.
  2. Covenant House provides loving care and vital services to homeless, abandoned, abused, trafficked, and exploited youth. Choose from a wide array of basic, life-sustaining gifts for homeless kids in Covenant House’s online catalog.
  3. Give a dam (and other good stuff) with Church World Service. Whatever gift you buy, your money will fund the program areas related to your gift — animals and food security, children, women, emergencies, refugees, or water — to help decrease global poverty.
  4. Send a “comfort kit” to a cancer patient in need through Giving Comfort. These kits come with thoughtful items proven to make treatment more comfortable: Soft blankets, hats, and socks. Inspirational quotes, journals and puzzles. Even stuffed monkeys for kids.
  5. Fair Trade Winds offers certified fair trade and environmentally sustainable products supporting artisans, farmers, and craftspeople from all over the globe.
  6. Legacy Christmas, a collection of Celtic-inspired carols, provides a link to our past and inspiration for our future. Proceeds from this CD will assist Living Waters for the World and the Presbyterian Women Birthday Offering in providing clean, sustainable water to women and children throughout the world.
  7. Give young children a gift of faith throughout the year with a subscription to The Little Christian, a 24-page, full-color, staple-free book that comes in the mail 10 times a year with a personalized message from you.
  8. Change a life through World Renew. Honor your loved ones with a gift to help someone in need. World Renew’s gift catalog offers a wide range of gifts including livestock, health, water, livelihood development, and disaster response.
  9. Products from Koinonia Farm feature all biologically grown pecans, fair trade, and all-natural ingredients. They're a wonderful gift for family, friends, as well as a great way to support the mission of Koinonia to feed the hungry — physically and spiritually.
  10. Provide gifts of joy this season by ordering through MEDA’s 2013 Gift Solutions Catalog. MEDA creates business solutions to poverty to help men and women sustain their families without dependence on relief, aid, or ongoing support.
  11. Offer God’s word this Christmas. The CEB Study Bible includes book introductions, full-color images, thousands of notes, and more.
  12. Give the Living Water gift card to your loved ones. Living Water International helps communities gain access to safe, sustainable drinking water and hygiene and sanitation education, and with it experience living water — the gospel of Jesus Christ.
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