The Common Good
July 2013

VIDEO: Rethinking Evangelism

by The Editors | July 2013

In “Waiting on God,” from the July 2013 issue of Sojourners magazine, Episcopal priest Linda Kaufman shares how she fell in love with Jesus all over again. While exploring myriad ways to know Christ, Kaufman watched “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” a TED Talk by Simon Sinek, which helped her realize that people make decisions based on values and belief rather than reason or logic. According to Sinek, decisions are not made in the cerebral cortex (the thinking part) of the brain, but rather in the limbic or “reptile” part of the brain.

Kaufman realized:

“If decisions are made in the reptile part of our brain, I can barely even get my thinking to consider what this means for evangelism and sharing the love I have for Jesus with others. If it’s not the thoughts and words that will win others to Jesus, then how are we to share this ground of our being with others?”

Watch this video to explore how to communicate Christ, if most decisions made by people are based on values and belief.

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