The Common Good
February 2012

Certainly it is questionable for our government to be keeping contract soldiers in Iraq behind our backs (“A Stunning Victory,” by Phyllis Bennis, December 2011). But I nevertheless find Bennis’ arguments disturbing. Assuming it is true that the Iraqi government is “weak and corrupt,” is that a reason for us to leave? If we save money by getting out of Iraq, is she seriously suggesting that our government would spend the money instead on health care for children?

Surely the United States has some continuing responsibility in Iraq after all that we have done there? I agree that more deaths is not the right way to deal with the problems, but I suspect that whatever is the right way will nevertheless require a continued U.S. commitment to spending funds in Iraq and perhaps also to sending people who may be at some risk of their lives.

Norm Mundhenk
Poulsbo, Washington

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