The Common Good

Table of Contents


Despite foreclosures and rising poverty, there are models -- lots of them -- to help put decent housing within reach.
A vibrant spirituality for our troubled times grows out of a centuries-old tradition.
A study on the Bible's "two religions."
An Arab Christian works -- person by person and block by block -- to bring Muslims and Christians together in Jordan.
Historically, traditional marriage was based on a subordinate view of women. An egalitarian model of mutual respect promises healthier relationships and a more just society.


Advent loops past the second coming to the first -- and to us, stuck waiting in the mud of existence.
The U.S. should put publicly funded medicines in reach of the world's poor.
U.S. troops will finally withdraw from Iraq -- but what about the contractors?


Nonviolence is not just a critical tactic but a necessary commitment.

The real work has been done for years by indigenous leaders on both sides of the border.

The solution must be a partnership among all of us.

No one could stop Troy Davis' execution -- despite his apparent innocence.

Tarantulas are not insects. They're arachnids. Really big ones.

Culture Watch

Finding connections between the past, present, and future at Occupy Wall Street.
How blind commitment to 'free trade' throws working people under the bus.
Clooney's new movie, The Ides of March, serves as a thoughtful and entertaining mirror for next year's presidential election.
'Does the bullet know Christian from Muslim? Does the bullet choose?'
What is valued in God's economy?
Dorothy Day's deep love of God and her unwavering ability to see God in those the world shuns.
Joking for Jesus, The Courage to Love, Body Meets Soul, Rethinking War.


The amaryllis bulb, dumb as dirt, inert, how can anything spring from this clod, this stone, the pit of some subtropical, atypical, likely inedible fruit?
Reflections on the Common Lectionary.
Even while Occupy Wall Street and the worldwide movement it has helped ignite captured the public’s attention this fall, some observers claimed not to understand what the protests were all about.