The Common Good

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Cover Story

For 40 years, Sojourners has been fighting the good fight. Where do we go from here?


An evangelical scholar looks at Sojourners' role in evangelical social justice.
Largest U.S. climate action says no to pipeline.
The 10-year pop culture love affair with Harry Potter leaves questions at the crux.
Ten books on the shelf of one of our most respected biblical scholars.
Seminaries train pastors on how to read the Bible. But those tools often don't reach people in the pews.
How to deepen our spirituality, one step at a time.
When spurred on by God and conscience, there's no telling what trouble you might get into.


Doomsday threats and Wall Street influence erode U.S. government for the people.
Glenn Beck's exploitative event in Israel ignored justice and U.S. public opinion.
The Housing First approach to homelessness is more humane -- and cheaper -- than older models.


People of faith, at our best, are the ultimate independents.

The Oslo shooter took inspiration from America's own anti-Muslim rightists.

Fortunately, 40 is the new 34, or in my case, 38.

Culture Watch

Why are we still sinking in health-care induced debt?