The Common Good

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Cover Story

Why is it such a fight to have a 'natural' childbirth?
Extended Format: Resources on Natural Birth
Discovering the call to 'mother the mothers.'
How a resurgent movement is taking birth back from the medical establishment.
A reluctant uncle witnesses the home birth of his nephew.


An interview with Walter Wink and June Keener Wink.
Extended Format: Walter Wink Reading List
What's it like to be almost human? Reflections on Jeremiah 18.


The season's real message isn't pretty, but it is powerful.
A growing movement of veterans promotes selective conscientious objection.
Why tax cuts for the super-rich are costly and immoral.


This fall we saw a disturbing rise in religious intolerance in the U.S.

In February 2009, I attended a conference in Egypt taught by Arab Christians from throughout the Middle East.

When the forces of intolerance rear their ugly heads, the forces of inclusion go into action.

Having successfully survived a mid-life crisis -- mainly by living past mid-life -- I felt it was finally time to sell my Harley, the vehicle I procured a few years back to counter the feelings of insecurity that come with aging.

Culture Watch

In an age of 'eco-awakenings,' the vision of 'more with less' abides.
Say God: Songs and Poems of Daniel Higgs. Thrill Jockey.
The most significant DVD release of 2010 is America Lost and Found, packaging seven films produced between 1968 and 1972, including Easy Rider and The Last Picture Show.
For a while it looked like the battle for "Net neutrality" was won when President Obama appointed his own chair of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
Bio: Youth pastor and organizer with Neighborhood Ministries in Phoenix, Arizona Website:
Georgia Peace
The Future Church: How Ten Trends are Revolutionizing the Catholic Church by John L. Allen Jr. Doubleday.
Film director Julia Bacha talks about the making of Budrus


Advent and Christmas are seasons for mismatches.
Bach wrote his solo cello suites as études, not for performance./ Imagine, the arpeggios of the first prelude, forever private, /