The Common Good

Table of Contents

Cover Story

The Main Reason: They upend the power structure to give people at the bottom a better chance.


Trinity University found the future of education -- hiding in its own neighborhood.
Insights on being the first in the family to graduate from college.


Why do so many try to lighten the impact of Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech?
The moral implications of our growing debt burden.
Looking forward after Katrina and the BP spill.


Soldiers are dying for a failed, arrogant, theologically unjust, and immoral war policy.

In the DRC, soldiers use women's bodies as a battlefield.

College campuses have been in the vanguard of most major social movements.

Politicians can't help it when they lie.

Culture Watch

Is Sabbath only for the privileged few -- or for all of us?
The ArchAndroid, by Janelle Monáe, Atlantic Records.
Comedian Omid Djalili on being funny about faith.
Consider All the Works
A school claims video games help students learn to "manage complexity." But will they understand culture?
George Lucas may have had a role in my childhood, but it's not up to him to tell my story for me.


No, nothing, she says, that is not God’s, and we approach a crow ripping the entrails of a truck-crushed fox, and the crow flees
September 2010: 'Come, Rejoice With Me'; October 2010: The Nature of Faith