The Common Good
February 2010

Another Injustice

by Nancy Cannon | February 2010

Despite my great respect for Sojourners magazine and its staff, I find myself disappointed, once again, as I scan the pages of the magazine.

Despite my great respect for Sojourners magazine and its staff, I find myself disappointed, once again, as I scan the pages of the magazine. Were I from a different planet and wanted to know what is going on in the realm of earthly injustice, your magazine would give me an almost complete picture of the scope of issues.

However, I would have no idea that there is a huge crisis going on in the world for people who were not born as heterosexuals. I would be clear about racial injustice, ethnic injustice, gender inequality, classism, militarism, and the list goes on and on. But I would have no idea that young, innocent youth are dying from suicide at a horrific rate because they have internalized the ignorance and bigotry perpetuated by our society. I would have no idea that countless others have run away from homes that use the authority of the church to justify cruel and hateful rejection of innocent souls. I would not know about shameful murders of individuals whose crime was simply that of loving someone of their own gender. I would also be unaware of those who “live lives of quiet desperation” because they cannot reconcile their own desires with the teachings of their church. Remaining hopelessly locked in a loveless, lifeless closet becomes their only option.

If the magazine is truly a prophetic one, how can you remain silent on this topic? Perhaps that is the greatest discount of all, to be made invisible one more time. Do not do that to our brothers and sisters who make up a significant percent of our population. They have already suffered too much.
Nancy Cannon
Lexington, Michigan
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