The Common Good
June 2009

A Bloated Military Budget

by George De Costa | June 2009

Amen to John Stoner and Victor Goering's letters in the March 2009 issue.

Amen to John Stoner and Victor Goering's letters in the March 2009 issue. "War No More" and "Reduce Military Spending" certainly were topics missing in memos to President Obama in the January issue. It certainly was a great idea to obtain letters to the new president. But the fact that no one mentioned the need to reduce the huge U.S. military budget is astounding! The exorbitant military budget is at least partially responsible for the present economic crisis. The war in Iraq should end ASAP, and the "war" on terrorism should have never begun! How can we expect to fight terrorism by sanctioning our "terroristic acts" with the euphemism called "war"?

George De Costa, Volcano, Hawaii

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