The Common Good
March 2008

Engaging Hearts and Minds

by Gina Joseph | March 2008

I just finished Jim Wallis’ thought-provoking editorial “A Real ‘Values’ Agenda” (January 2008).

I just finished Jim Wallis’ thought-provoking editorial “A Real ‘Values’ Agenda” (January 2008). This has been my heart and mind for many years, but finding others of like mind in my community, Christian and otherwise, has been very difficult. I’ve too often bitten my tongue for fear of being judged not a “true” Christian when vocal Christian friends boldly (and sometimes blindly) state their dogmatic political views.

Thank you for your leadership in promoting discussion toward real, faith-based values when we consider our choice in the upcoming election. In future discussions, I plan to be a more vocal proponent of my heart and mind, which is, hopefully, a representation of God’s heart and mind.

Gina Joseph
Dover, Pennsylvania

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