The Common Good
February 2007

Inside Story

by The Editors | February 2007

Why is it that so many jobs in America don't pay the bills?

Why is it that so many jobs in America don't pay the bills? For this issue, we invited several writers to look at this phenomenon of barely-getting-by, as well as policy reforms that would help low- and middle-income working Americans to make enough to thrive, not just survive. One essential factor: jobs that pay a living wage. Also essential: ensuring adequate health insurance and affordable housing, as well as putting programs in place that help employees in low-skill, low-wage jobs receive education and training so that they can advance. After all, argues contributor Paul Sherry, a job should keep you out of poverty, not keep you in it. These writers provide a set of achievable policies that would not only honor and reward hard work, but create an economic climate that is fair and just?one that provides opportunities for all workers.

And speaking of work (especially the kind that keeps you whistling), this issue marks the 150th(ish) appearance of "H'rumphs," our back-page humor column by Ed Spivey Jr. He may call his columns a monument to "intellectual superficiality," but we call them funny. We hope his words have made your step a little lighter and your load a little easier. (If not, we're not responsible.) Thanks, Ed, for lining the road of faith, politics, and culture with wit and humor all these years, even if a lot of it is wildly inappropriate.

- The Editors

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