The Common Good

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How to defend the family more.


If preachers are preoccupied with pursuing the life of conscpicuous consumption and preaching a "prosperity gospel," then poor people are in big trouble.
Evangelicals find new resources to address domestic violence.
The "New Monastics" look for ways to be in the world but not of it.
Moved by God’s Spirit in this time called America to assemble at St.
Nancy Nason-Clark is committed to “bring training to the privacy of the clergy office.” Last fall she received a Lilly Grant to develop “Religion and Violence E-Learning (RAVE),
• PASCH: • FaithTrust Institute: A multifaith organization working to end sexual and domestic violence.


Compassion and hope in the Haggard scandal.
It's time for the troops to come home.
The murder of journalist Anna Politkovskaya ripples worldwide.
How can we abide the deaths of so many children?


The results are good news for those alienated by the political extremes of right and left hungry for a new

I was haunted by the King of Beers.

Just try to play the violin under a low-hanging ceiling fan.

Culture Watch

Pop musician Moby on how his faith affects his lifestyle, art, and activism.
I don’t usually expect too much from blues-rock music.
Each day, 6,600 Africans die of AIDS.
Spiritual Witnesses Women Saints: 365 Daily Readings, by Madonna Sophia Compton, with Maria Compton Hernandez and Patricia Campbell, provides reflections on holy women
The poet, musician, author (and senior citizen) keeps it real- and keeps it coming.


After the olive groves at Samothrace and fog which billowed up from a green sea, the rocky sheep path and bleating ewes, wind and sun—there w
Reflections on the Revised Common Lectionary, Cycle C.
As of this writing, we're fresh off the midterm elections and glad to see the end of divisive campaigning for a while (though we're not naive enough to think the shouting is all over).