The Common Good

Table of Contents

Cover Story

'Kingdom of God' is so last-century. Are there new ways to talk about Jesus' good news?


Christian peacemaking and the implications of a global police force.
Lee Porter's quilts capture the beauty of rural Nicaragua.
Human rights and democracy in Latin America: A progress report.
What do you get when you mix punk rockers with senior citizens?


What to do when a president places himself above the law?
A half year after unprecedented disaster, where are the citizens of the Gulf Coast - and what do they need?
Why I felt called to civil disobedience.


Somehow, Jesus has survived even the church.

Lent invites us to a 'tranquil listening of the heart.'

Apparently, 'a-wassailing' means 'meeting with my lawyers.'

Culture Watch

If democracy is to be more than a slogan, everyone must have access to the Internet.
There's a rich middle ground between organ lofts and praise bands.
'Pop music possesses the power to transport the human spirit.'


Many of us attend worship communities that struggle to hit the right note between traditional hymn-and-organ music and the praise choruses of a (usually loud and) youthful rock band.