The Common Good

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Gaining ground against poverty: From Africa, three innovative solutions.


100 years after Dietrich Bonhoeffer's birth, he still has much to teach us.
As Christianity explodes across the globe, it is taking new forms and moving away from traditional expressions.
The journey of Christian Churches Together in the USA began in September 2001 when church leaders representing the wider spectrum of the Christian community articulated a vision for a place of fe
America's first truth and reconciliation commission tries to bring healing to a divided community.
The vision of the Global Christian Forum is simple but bold: Can the four main “families” of the Christian community—Orthodox, historic Protestant, evangelical/pentecostal, and


Christian peacemakers in Baghdad.
Does Ricky Martin's sexed-up music undercut his anti-trafficking activism?
Poverty solutions that transcend ideology.


'Have they no shame?' was a frequent response.

Is 'cost-effective' the right criterion for judging AIDS drugs?

Prayer can literally change our brain.

Keeping an 'eye on Washington' in this crucial election year.

Culture Watch

Can we get spin-free public TV?
Today's scrapbooks don't look a thing like our grandmother's albums.
Robert Ellsberg is an editor’s editor.
Having witnessed the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina, it may be hard to imagine anything comforting about a whirlwind. They remind us that we are small and fragile.
The remarkable thing about Renny Golden’s writing is that it provides a bridge of understanding between a silenced, disenfranchised community and those who need to hear what that community
Loving Our Enemies


Is 'Get Rich or Die Tryin' just a current movie or is it also a national mantra?
With all the bad news of late, it's heartening to read some hopeful news, especially about poverty. Stephen C.