The Common Good

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Cover Story

Child rearing, never an easy endeavour, has become in many ways a countercultural activity. moment at a time.


Reza Aslan, a Tehran-born Muslim, joined his high school's Young Life group to become a Christian, then got kicked out. Now he's one of the top spokespersons for progressive Islam in America.
The quest to save the ivory-bill represents a desire with which many evangelical Christians may connect.
How community-based investing transforms individuals - and religious institutions.


Bridging gaps in the Middle East.
Only the U.S. has openly tried to offer legal justification for the use of torture.
The untapped potential of biodiesel.


The warring factions in Iraq are engaged in a civil war that the U.S. occupation is only making worse.

Wal-Mart is focused more on public relations than a reform of its business operations.

This Christmas, avoid the partridge in the pear tree. If it sneezes.

Culture Watch

What do we believe when all social restraints are off?
A string band reclaims country music.
Christian activist (and former high school prom king) Shane Claiborne spent his college years in the company of like-minded travelers.
Those of us living in the United States face the challenge of how to live and preach the full gospel, the prophetic message as preached by Jesus.


In Kashmir, Niger, Honduras, and parts of every U.S. city, the situation is urgent. Thankfully, so is God’s persistent love.
beneath debris and stench a hand your hand withered stretched forth waiting for someone’s be healed
“Two weeks on, the Earth is still vibrating from the massive undersea earthquake off Indonesia Sunday…reverberations like the ringing of a bell….” —AOL News
Parents often feel like theyre swimming upstream when it comes to raising their kids and protecting their family life.