The Common Good

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Cover Story

The only thing Americans are more weary about than discussions about
How does childhood faith influence political enagement? A conversation with seven people with conservative evangelical backgrounds.


... And everyone eats.' Why women are key to fighting global poverty.


Bring home the troops. Start now.
What the "journalism of assertion" costs us
A student hunger strike brings support to low-income workers.


Many people - especially leaders - tried to claim the pope as their own.

The first woman-led Muslim prayer service in New York City received bomb threats and had to change locations.

Our troubled world needs young people. And their iPods.

Culture Watch

Buddy Miller's music sings louder than words.
Progressive voices are breaking the Right's monopoly on talk radio.


When it comes to faith, politics, and culture (three of our favorite topics here at Sojourners), the public discussion too often seems to shrink down big ideas and complex life to simple, narrow