The Common Good
April 2005

Avast Me Meek Ones

by Rose Marie Berger, Mark Betz | April 2005

Looking for something to wear on Talk Like A Pirate Day?

Looking for something to wear on Talk Like A Pirate Day? Whether ye be a landlubbin’ pencil-pusher or a true salty sea dog, Pirate Jesus, with his parrot, patch, and lopsided grin, is concerned for your salvation. You too can own a jolly piece of "Pirate Jesus" apparel, available in a variety of styles, with the important "Arrr, Ye Saved?" logo. There seems to be no redeeming value to any of these products, except that one T-shirt is available in 100 percent organically grown cotton and made in the United States. Be respectin’ the earth and supportin’ the labor force, or ye might find yourself on the wrong end of a gangplank!

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