The Common Good
August 2004

Start With Education

by Georgia de Katona | August 2004

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"No Place to Stand?" was one of the best pieces I've read on the subject in a long, long time. I have always been adamantly pro-choice because of the dire results that come from the criminalization of abortion and the politicization of sexual health education. At the same time, abortion is hardly something that can be looked at without squeamishness. What's a civilized society to do?

Education is a great start. The nations in the world whose sexual health education is the most honest and thorough enjoy the fewest abortions, higher age at first sexual intercourse, and a drastic reduction in incidents of STDs. America, on all points above, comes dead last among developed nations. Criminalization and extreme limitations on access to abortion are band-aids on bullet wounds. Let's be proactive and start talking about sexual and reproductive health openly. Only then will we send forth a generation of people who are armed with the tools they need to make informed, healthy decisions about their bodies that by nature will favor a respect for life. Thank you for publishing such a thought-provoking magazine!

Georgia de Katona
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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