The Common Good

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When you're Christian, progressive, and "pro-life," voting your conscience is often easier said than done.


Why the language of the marketplace shouldn't rule our moral and political thinking.
I contemplated motherhood well aware that at many points the line between private matters and public affairs was faint and broken.
Many Christians went to the former Soviet Union to evangelize. While there some discovered Russia's new gulags, and found themselves converted to a deeper understanding of the gospel.


The Bush administration's trade strategy is in trouble.
Laughter may be the best medicine for bad news.
Has the Catholic Church learned anything?


There are millions of votes at stake in this liberal miscalculation.

No magic elixir will solve our energy dilemma, short of radically changing our consumption.

Jesus was not "cured of death." He kept fidelity with life.

Culture Watch


You must learn to say prayers
This is not the annual Mother’s Day issue of Sojourners (we’ve never had such an issue).