The Common Good
January 2004

Whither Democracy?

by Antoinette Voute Roeder | January 2004

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I want to commend you for your courage in speaking out

I want to commend you for your courage in speaking out against the fiscal and moral atrocities of an administration that has effectively used fear to trample on democracy and the "liberty and justice for all" proclaimed by the Pledge of Allegiance. I was especially encouraged by your September-October issue—David Cortright’s truth telling in "Weapons of Mass Deception" gave me hope. Perhaps some people are still thinking for themselves. Jim Wallis’ "Dangerous Religion" and Duane Shank’s "The Project for a New American Empire" were equally riveting. More power to you all.

America has lost sight of its commitment to democracy, with special-interest groups now determining its governance. Its god has become the almighty dollar and everything (environment, health, freedom, rights) will be sacrificed on that altar. God have mercy on us all.

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