The Common Good
January 2004

An Impotent Church?

by Darwin Cooper | January 2004

Jim Wallis

Jim Wallis’ article "Dangerous Religion"

Jim Wallis’ article "Dangerous Religion" (September-October 2003) is a long-awaited exposure of the failure of the church to preach from the pulpit and instruct in its seminaries that the teachings of Jesus, and our faith in him, should have a direct connection to social justice and the public policy that directly affects the underclass members of society. It is extremely encouraging that Wallis and Sojourners are taking this courageous step in dealing directly with this core problem that has rendered the church impotent. Our self-righteous and arrogant administration, along with the multitudes of its followers in church pews, seems to have accepted a faith wrapped in flags of religiosity, patriotism, piety, and unregulated capitalism; they have ignored the teachings of Jesus relative to "the least of these" and the entire half of the great commandment to love one’s neighbor. Christ should be the benchmark for determining the justness and morality of public policy action—not political and economic theory.

We need another "Great Awakening" that widens our faith to include all of God’s children, and only direct, no-nonsense preaching as done in this article will hopefully open up a church turned in upon itself.

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