The Common Good
March-April 2002

Inside Story

by The Editors | March-April 2002

At times we've discussed running articles on "pastoring in boom and bust"

At times we've discussed running articles on "pastoring in boom and bust"-about the different challenges that arise for pastors depending on how their congregations are being affected by economic trends. In this issue, noted preacher and writer Will Willimon takes on a related topic-the tensions and contradictions that he feels in preaching the gospel amidst wealth. Even now, as the U.S. economy is more bust than boom, we look around and find an apparent twist on scripture: The rich, it seems, we have with us always.

Need a fix of hope? We commend to you the feature on the inspiring ways several young adults are living out their faith and doing a little world-changing while they're at it. We originally planned to run this article last fall, then delayed it to allow for coverage of the events of Sept. 11 and their aftermath. That's led to jokes among staff that we'll have to change the article description from "young Christian activists" to "middle-aged Christian activists." Although one person who's included in the article offered to send a new photo-since he now has gray hairs-we're sticking by the original description.

However, we are aware that prophets, servants, and shake-'em-up activists come in all ages, so we'll be keeping our eyes out for future opportunities to tell the stories of radical elders and mid-life movers, as well as more sons and daughters with dreams and visions.

-The Editors

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