The Common Good
January-February 2001

Volunteer Grants

by Mary Jones | January-February 2001

TOM SINE'S ARTICLE "Branded for Life" on globalization (September-October
2000) was very good.

TOM SINE'S ARTICLE "Branded for Life" on globalization (September-October 2000) was very good. However, I was surprised that I saw no mention of several additional things set to destroy the world's youth—American cigarette manufacturers targeting the youth of China, the Philippines, and the rest of the world; vulgarity, sex, and violence filling American TV screens; movies and computer games, which will soon spread to computer screens worldwide; and the recent interest by Wall Street moguls in profiting from the billions to be made in pornography. Is there any question that the love of money, of which the United States has the most, is the root of every kind of evil?

Donald T. Kauffman
Manheim, Pennsylvania

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