The Common Good

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Cover Story

The real question is not whether religious values should help shape politics, but how.


The Broetjes had a crazy idea—to treat their workers like people.
The Earth may be the Lord's but we've trashed the place. The good news is that Christian attitudes toward the environment are changing.
The most effective Christian eco-groups are leaner and less hampered by unwieldy church bureaucracies.
What they're saying about the Human Genome Project.
An experimental summer camp brings children together with their dads--in prison.
"Jesus is bangala!" proclaims Rev.


I confess: I was a catalog girl who grew up to be a catalog woman.
On the campaign trail, populism's hot—but will it last?
What should we do with these Vatican documents?
Reaching Across the Barricades
Jerusalem's 'Sanctity' must be built on justice
U.N. inspections remain key to resolving the impasse.
How the church became entangled in death—and the way out.


Let the good times roll! President Bill Clinton was absolutely beaming as he reported the U.S. Census Bureau's annual poverty statistics.

A straight-shooting white friend once commented that whenever blacks and whites are together it's like there's a "big pile of poop in the middle of the room..."

Interstate 77 winds around the mountains of Bland County like lifelines on the palm of
my hand. I cross through the Big Walker Mountain tunnel and know I am home.

Because our oldest daughter absolutely refuses to join the Merchant Marines
after high school, she made me drive through New England this summer looking at
prospective colleges.

Culture Watch

Subtle details and weighty matters abound in Dar Williams' songs.
In the 19th century, with much sweat and blood, immigrant labor gangs pushed a railroad across the newly continental United States.
Ken Medema's obsession.
The consequences of globalization.
Weaving social engagement and spiritual practice.
The Trappist's voice continues to resound.
Is true nonviolence possible only for Christians?
A Winter Reading List


Poetry is like prayer in that it is most effective in solitude and in the times of solitude as, for example, in the earliest morning. —Wallace Stevens
Radical ecumenism in a land of strife.
Bring poverty into the campaign.
Employment Opportunities Christians for Peace in El Salvador (CRISPAZ) seeks U.S.
Full disclosure must be made: Cheryl and Ralph Broetje once sent us a box of apples after a visit to our office.